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How to buy ready to move flats in greater Noida

Are you in search of a residential property in Noida or NCR region? Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?  

Now you may be inquisitive to know why are we asking such a question when your concern is How to buy ready to move flats in greater Noida or NCR region.

Well, let us tell you that there are some localities in Noida and NCR region that are infamous for ghastly phenomenon.

Next, it becomes essential for you to ensure that you know about these areas and ask your real estate agent to avoid these haunted communities of Noida and NCR while finding a home for you .

Since you are searching for properties in Noida and NCR region, you must have heard about the MU sector. For your further information, this area is close to the Pocket 3 area of Noida and somewhere between D3 park, CSP Ghori Bacheeda branch of PNB and   Shaheed Park.

If you keep close watch on the property news in this area, you might be tempted to see that it has a new property project coming up every other day.

But beware! All the communities in this area might not be safe for you.

It is said that apparitions dominate over the area which is why many new projects and lavishly decorated shopping malls have remained vacant ever since their construction.

However, some people opine that there is no supernatural phenomenon going on here that has kept this area deserted. Rather, the real reason is ack of job prospects in the area  that have impelled people to migrate away.

Next in our list of haunted communities is the Raj Nagar Extension area. This area is located in Ghaziabad.

To be more specific, Raj Nagar falls somewhere in between Morta, Balmukanand Society, Meerut Road industrial area and Genius Library.

Even though this area remarkably connects Delhi with Noida and lots of residential projects keep on getting constructed every now and then, the area still fails to attract the attention of enough number of buyers. This is because people believe that it is haunted.

However, some people who deny any ghastly existence in this area suggest that the predominance of antisocial elements have made this area earn its bad name.

Nahar-par areas are often compared to that of Noida and Gurgaon in terms of the level of growth and development that they are presenting.

Recently, the area has become quite important in terms of high demand in its property market.

But you will be astonished to know that the area is quite unpopular among some people for being haunted.  This results in making the area have average occupancy level of 20% to 40% only.

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