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Which is the most affordable house in Greater Noida

If you are thinking of buying a home and need the support of a real estate agent, you would probably look into popular real estate sites to get in touch with the right professional.

Some of you might even seek referrals so that you can come into contact with the right real estate agent and ask him Which is the most affordable house in greater Noida, and other property related questions.

However, even after finding a professional can you say with conviction that you have come in contact with an expert in the real estate industry? Probably not.

But if you ask these few questions before finalising any deal with your streamlined professionals, you will still have much better hopes.

Here are these questions for your reference. Watch out!

It is perhaps an unspoken truth that an experienced real estate agent is much more resourceful in terms of contacts he has and information he has regarding different types of properties available in his area of operation.

Hence, an experienced real estate would always be a better help in finding you the perfect shelter than a professional who has just joined the profession. 

So, there is absolutely no harm in promptly asking a real estate agent about his years of experience in the field.

Just go ahead and promptly ask - How many years have you been in the profession?

There is one vital thing that you need to remember; real estate agents generally categorise themselves on the basis of the types of real estates they deal with.

Specifically speaking, a real estate agent who deals in commercial properties will have much more information about news such as an office space that is being available for sale or a commercial plot that is on sale.

But you cannot expect that this real estate agent will be able to flood you with information related to residential properties and your preferred area.

What we mean to say is that you have every right to know the specialized area a particular real estate agent deals with and then finalize any decision about appointing him.

Therefore, go about and ask this question - Which are the types of properties that you majorly deal with?

Money related matters invite the nastiest situations every time. The same situation will arise when you do not have clear idea of the manner in which your real estate agent wants to get remunerated.

In general, these real estate agents take a commission against a property that they are able to sell to a prospective buyer.  This commission is usually 2% to 3% of the final property buying amount that the buyer pays.

Nonetheless, some real estate agents also demand some amount in their initial meetings as registration charge. Again, the commission amount that they charge can also vary from agent to agent.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you clear all these money related doubts right at the initial stages by asking - What is the mode of your renumeration?

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