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Show me the villas in greater Noida

Have you bought your first home? It is for sure that you have given the best of your efforts to ensure that the property is perfectly attuned to your requirements. It is even assumed that you might have planned to decorate it to your heart’s content.

But have you checked whether your new property is Vastu compliant? If you have missed out on this important aspect, you might be closing your doors to good luck in your new home.   

However, if you plan to book a property from a reputed builder, you can be assured that your construction will be Vastu compliant. But in case you ask the property agent Show me the villas in greater Noida irrespective of the credentials of the builder, do check these pointers.

The entranceway is the primary way in your property that encourages the entry of goo luck. So, the direction of the entranceway must be Vastu compliant. 

Therefore, do not forget to check and confirm that the main door of your new home is at the North-East or Eastern direction. 

Nonetheless, after relocation, you, on your part, have to ensure that the entranceway is kept clean and clutter free so that your good luck reaches you undisturbed.

Since you shall move into a ready to move apartment, check the colour of the wall paint to ensure that your new home harmonizes with the rules of Vastu. According to this ancient shastra, the walls of your home must bear purple colour. 

In Vastu, purple is considered as the colour that stands for affluence, wealth and prosperity. 

It might be practically impossible for the builder to hand over a property to you which has purple colour on the walls of each of the rooms. It might not be an aesthetically great idea too.

Therefore, it is fine if one of the walls of any of the rooms is painted in any shade of purple. Additionally, you can keep a money plant with a purple coloured planter in your home. Remember, this will enhance the positive effects of the colour further. 

Many of the residential plots are constructed in spacious lawns. They have lawns, gardens and artificially created water bodies like ponds, fountains, fish aquariums and swimming pools. 

When you specifically find any water structure, do check if it is Vastu compliant. For your further information, Vastu recommends that such water-based attractions must be constructed at the North-Eastern part of your property so that they get positively energized and generate positive energy. 

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