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Investing in property in greater Noida or elsewhere – bursting myths

Everybody aspires to buy their own home and become a homeowner.  While quite a number of people succeed in accomplishing their dreams, others fail. Sometimes this failure is due to common myths connected with the purchase of any property in Greater Noida or any other place.

Let us burst some of these myths.

Many people think the dream of buying a property in Greater Noida or elsewhere is not for the middle class population. Only the rich and the fortunate can buy property.  

But this is a myth.  If you have a long term perspective and calculate the money you invest in a rented flat for a tenure of ten to fifteen years, you will find that it would have been better if you could spend the amount on buying a property in greater Noida or elsewhere.  To be honest, you do not need a fortune for buying a property. All you need is prior planning and regimented investment from the amount you spend uselessly every month. 

Many people link investment with high risk. But this cannot be considered a generalized formula for all sorts of investments.

The reason is that investment in gold, stocks or diamonds is subject to market risks.  You may lose your profit when the market condition is in the doldrums. In aggressively down market conditions, you may even lose the capital that you have invested.

But comparing this scenario with the investment in any property in greater Noida or elsewhere is utterly impractical. 

The prices of properties never fall. Instead, they skyrocket in the most unexpected manner and at the most unanticipated time.  The property in greater Noida or elsewhere that you buy today can give you ten times more returns in the next two decades when you plan to sell it off.  So, investing specifically in property is never a risky deal.

When you make investments in stocks, mutual funds, gold, etc., you have to remain cautious about the market scenario. The investment should only be made when the market is up, or else your investment goal might be shattered.

But this cannot be equated with investment in property in greater Noida or elsewhere. So, take this straightaway as a myth.

As you know, there is no dull market phase for the property. Even if you go to buy a property in an intensely gloomy market condition, you cannot expect any change at all in the price of your chosen property.  So, there is nothing called a favorable market scenario when you think of investing in a property in greater Noida or elsewhere.

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