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How to find greater noida west flats

Have you relocated to Noida with your family permanently? Have you already entered your search in the internet with words, How to find greater noida west flats and have found your home too?

Then now it is the time to know about some of the places that you must visit in Noida is that you get appropriately acquainted with the city.

So, here are some suggestions that you can note down.


If you are looking for some fun moments in Noida during weekends, the Worlds of Wonder Water Park is a noteworthy option.

The most impressive thing about this water park is that it has roller coaster rides, water gaming options, and various such amusement options that would keep your kids busy too.

So, do make a plan to visit the place once.


If you are in love with the idea of visiting malls, Noida is never going to depress you. 

One such mall in Noida that you should include in your weekend itinerary in this city is the Great India Place.

This mall in Sector 38-A, Noida is remarkable for its astounding aesthetics.  When you come to this mall in Noida, you will find that it is always teeming with a crowd of blissful and fully active people.


One place that must be in your must-visit list when you come to stay in Noida is the Buddha International Circuit.

This expansive racing track spans over a total area of 10 square kilometres.  It gets overtly crowded during the times of the year when Grand Pix formula one racing event is held in this track.

Therefore, as a new resident of Noida you can consider yourself lucky because you have this asset in your city.


If you love nature and aspire to be one with it, Noida is never going to let you down. 

Come to the Botanical Garden of Noida and you will be mesmerised to see how nature amalgams with every earthly element remarkably.

The exotic species of plants and flowers that you will find in this place will make you come here over and over again.

There is one more thing in this place that you can never miss. It is Psilotum Nudum, a plant that is of vascular vegetation origin of plants found about 400 years ago.


If you are fond of birds too along with nature, Noida has a place for catering to your fondness. It is the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

You will find almost 5000 species of native birds in this bird sanctuary. Along with this, the one lakh varieties of migratory birds that come to this place every year will make you further overjoyed.

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